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Sale - Friday, 22 March 2019
6:58 PM
$1,325 - $375 - $190

Race Photo

Race result finish photo

Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 BRAEMAR FUREY YVONNE CASSIDY (VALENCIA CREEK) 5 5 36.0 5.35 111 25.260 4.54 $3.00
2 VICTOR LEONE MARIA MUSSELWHITE (LINDENOW) 8 8 31.4 5.53 433 25.578 4.54 $19.60
3 AKINA ARCHER SAMANTHA MCKAY (DENISON) 3 3 33.7 5.74 676 25.755 7.07 $31.40
4 BALLYMAC PIRATE DAWN JOHNSTON (BOISDALE) 6 6 31.9 5.46 344 25.756 7.09 $6.40
5 PRIMA MIKADO PAUL JONES (HODDLES CREEK) 2 2 27.1 5.39 222 25.757 7.10 $3.80
6 MISS CONDUCT RONALD WINTER (DENISON) 7 7 26.6 5.74 755 25.781 7.44 $10.00
7 WHAT A CHANCER OWEN MCGOVERN (ROSEDALE) 4 4 32.3 5.70 567 26.186 13.23 $41.30

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
5-BRAEMAR FUREY 3.00 1.50
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 5-8 34.80
Exacta 5-8 59.00
Trifecta 5-8-3 341.00
First 4 5-8-3-6 1902.40

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 5.35 13.91
Rug Number 5 5 0 0

Steward's Report

Mr. O. McGovern, trainer of What A Chancer declared a new weight of 32.3kgs for the greyhound in accordance with GAR 39(2).  What A Chancer last raced at 30.6kgs.                             

Braemar Furey and Ballymac Pirate were quick to begin.  What A Chancer and Miss Conduct were slow to begin.  Akina Archer went up with the lids at boxrise and was slow to begin.  Red Beryl stayed in the boxes and was slow to begin and took no competitive part in the event.  Miss Conduct checked off What A Chancer on the first turn.  What A Chancer checked off Miss Conduct on the first turn.  Ballymac Pirate and Miss Conduct collided on the home turn.

Red Beryl underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was re-examined following Race 5 and no apparent injury could be detected.

Stewards spoke to Mrs. D. Johnston, the trainer of Red Beryl regarding the greyhound's racing manners after it stayed in the boxes and took no competitive part in the event.  Acting under the provisions of GAR 69(A)(1) Red Beryl was charged with failing to pursue the lure with due commitment throughout the event.  Mrs. Johnston pleaded guilty to the charge, Red Beryl is suspended for 28 days at Sale and must perform a Satisfactory Trial (all tracks), pursuant to GAR 69(A)(2)(a) before any future nomination will be accepted.

A  sample was taken from Braemar Furey - the winner of the event.

Supplementary Report: On Thursday 28 March 2019, GRV Stewards re-opened/reviewed the incident with Red Beryl. No video evidence of the Red Beryl racing incident was available. Upon review, the Stewards withdrew the charge and offence under GAR 69A and re-issued a fresh charge under GAR 71 for an unsatisfactory performance. Mrs Johnson, the trainer of Red Beryl, accepted the fresh charge and offence and as such, Red Beryl must now complete a Satisfactory Trial in accordance with GAR 71, before any further nominations will be accepted. 



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