Elective Swab Kits

Elective testing for prohibited substances

GRV will on a case-by-case basis allow an owner or trainer to purchase an elective test for their greyhound to screen for certain prohibited substances that Racing Analytical Services Ltd (RASL) and GRV allow. This generally will not include permanently banned prohibited substances or short acting prohibited substances (i.e. those with short detection times). The Elective Testing of Non Raceday Samples Submission Form must be completed by the registered person requesting the test and submitted to GRV. The Chief Veterinarian and Chief Steward will then give consideration to allowing the test, including considering any change in trainer or declared treatment with a long acting prohibited substance. The cost of testing will be equivalent to the charge by RASL (currently $175 - GST inclusive) and samples will not be accepted without payment of the appropriate fee. The sample will be collected by Stewards in accordance with GRV's Swab Sampling Policy and Procedures.

Any 'not detected' result obtained following the analysis of such a sample will not guarantee that any future sample from this greyhound will also be 'not detected', and any 'not detected' result does not confirm that a prohibited substance was not administered to the greyhound.

Trainers are advised that the results of any elective testing do not absolve them of their responsibilities in the event of a positive result arising from any other sample taken in or out of competition.

The completed Elective Testing of Non Raceday Samples Submission Form should be returned to GRV Stewards (stewardsadmin@grv.org.au).

For further enquiries or to arrange an elective sample and appropriate payment, contact GRV Stewards (03) 8329 1152 or email stewardsadmin@grv.org.au

Effective 1 September 2019

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