Geelong - Saturday, 22 January 2022
Finish On Lure
6:05 PM
Of $2,405. 1st: $1,600, 2nd: $460, 3rd: $230, 4th: $115

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Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 XINMIN BALE Rebecca Gibbons (Avalon) 6 6 34.7 6.81 631 25.874 8.31 $13.80
2 REIKO CLOONEY JOHN BARBARA (EXFORD) 7 7 29.1 6.88 752 26.456 8.31 $2.70
3 HE'S FOR US JEFFREY BRITTON (ANAKIE) 2 2 32.8 6.67 245 26.545 9.59 $6.60
4 MEPUNGA GEM NICOLE CACHIA (ANAKIE) 1 1 29.9 6.77 476 26.661 11.24 $24.20
5 ROTHWELL WHINNY MATTHEW NASH (LITTLE RIVER) 8 8 27.2 6.99 887 26.843 13.84 $51.60
6 URI BALE Rebecca Gibbons (Avalon) 4 4 34.7 6.68 324 27.221 19.24 $3.60
7 JACALI BRENDAN PURSELL (LARA) 5 5 32.8 6.81 563 27.280 20.09 $8.80
8 POWERFUL EAGLE MARGERY QUICK (HADDON) 3 3 32.4 6.56 118 27.750 26.80 $7.50

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
6-XINMIN BALE 13.80 2.80
2-HE'S FOR US 2.10
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 6-7 18.90
Exacta 6-7 54.20
Trifecta 6-7-2 226.30
First 4 6-7-2-1 1621.40

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 6.56 11.29
Rug Number 3 3 0 0

Steward's Report

All persons attending today undertook successful health screenings, wore facemasks, checked in, observed social distance requirements, and provided satisfactory evidence of double vaccination or exemption under the State Government’s mandatory vaccination directions (as of 26 November 2021) that in-turn, permitted entry to the venue.

In accordance with the GRV Hot Weather Policy, this meeting was deemed 'Heat Affected'.  At the commencement of kennelling, the outside temperature was 31.2 degrees, and the kennel temperature was 18.9 degrees.  The Stewards continually monitored the temperature at the venue as per the GRV Hot Weather Policy. 

Due to the postponement of Ascot thoroughbreds, the starting time of this event was changed to commence at 6.05pm from the original advertised starting time.

The start of this event was delayed by approximately 1 minute due to operational issues.

Powerful Eagle was quick to begin.

Rothwell Whinny and Jacali collided soon after the start.  He's For Us and Uri Bale collided approaching the first turn checking He’s For Us and Jacali and caused Mepunga Gem, He's For Us and Jacali to collide, checking Mepunga Gem and Jacali.  He's For Us and Reiko Clooney collided approaching the home turn.  Uri Bale marred Powerful Eagle approaching the home turn, severely checking Powerful Eagle.  Rothwell Whinny raced wide approaching the home turn and visibly eased.  Uri Bale crossed to the rail in the home straight and marred Jacali, severely checking Jacali.

He's For Us underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was found to have an injury to the left monkey muscle and neck pain.  A 7 day stand down period was imposed.

Powerful Eagle underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was found to have a right hind leg abrasion.  No stand down period was imposed.  Stewards spoke to handler, Ms Lisa Farquhar regarding the racing manners of Powerful Eagle.  After hearing evidence from Ms Farquhar, viewing all the available race footage and acting on their observations, Stewards took no further action after being fully satisfied that Powerful Eagle, which led all the way, had been severely hampered approaching the home turn and lost sight of the lure as a result.

Uri Bale underwent a post-race veterinary examination - no apparent injury was reported.  Stewards spoke to Mr Daniel Gibbons, the handler of Uri Bale regarding the greyhound’s racing manners approaching the home turn and in the home straight.  Acting under the provisions of GAR 69(1) Uri Bale was charged with marring.  Mr Gibbons pleaded guilty to the charge, Uri Bale was found guilty and suspended for 28 days at Geelong and must perform a Satisfactory Trial in accordance with GAR 69(2) and pursuant to GAR 72, before any future nomination will be accepted.

Rothwell Whinny underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was found to have a right deltoid injury.  A 5 day stand down period was imposed.  Stewards spoke to Mr Matthew Nash, the handler of Rothwell Whinny regarding its performance in this event.  Stewards deemed the performance unsatisfactory, acting in accordance with GAR 71, Rothwell Whinny must perform a Satisfactory Trial pursuant to GAR 72, before any future nomination will be accepted.

A post-race sample was taken from Xinmin Bale - the winner of the event.

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