Geelong - Tuesday, 18 January 2022
4:09 PM
Of $2,405. 1st: $1,600, 2nd: $460, 3rd: $230, 4th: $115

Race Photo

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Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 HANDY POINT TIM BRITTON (LARA) 1 1 28.4 8.41 11 22.852 1.51 $3.90
2 ASTON OSCAR LIAM SHARP (AVALON) 4 4 31.7 8.61 53 22.958 1.51 $17.80
3 DR. MATRIX KEVIN WARD (MOUNT MORIAC) 6 6 28.9 8.48 32 22.962 1.57 $5.50
4 ASTON TENGE Dylan Sharp (Lara) 7 7 31.0 8.49 44 23.020 2.40 $3.60
5 HE'S FOR US JEFFREY BRITTON (ANAKIE) 2 2 33.0 8.45 25 23.256 5.77 $4.80
6 INCERTI BALE Rebecca Gibbons (Avalon) 5 5 36.4 8.99 76 24.072 17.43 $6.80
P INGA CLEO MARY INGUANTI (CAMPERDOWN) 8 8 28.4 8.89 67 $18.30

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
1-HANDY POINT 3.90 2.90
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 1-4 44.80
Exacta 1-4 40.40
Trifecta 1-4-6 255.20
First 4 1-4-6-7 811.80
Running Double 3-1 19.80

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 8.41
Rug Number 1 0 0 0

Steward's Report

Handy Point and He's For Us were quick to begin. Inga Cleo was slow to begin.

Incerti Bale and Dr Matrix collided soon after the start. Incerti Bale lost ground approaching the first turn. Aston Oscar checked off Dr. Matrix on the first turn. He's For Us and Dr Matrix collided on the first turn checking He's For Us. Inga Cleo lost ground on the first turn. Inga Cleo visibly eased, turned its head and subsequently pulled up in the home straight and failed to finish the event.

Incerti Bale underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was re-examined following race 5, no apparent injury could be detected. Stewards spoke to representative Mr D. Gibbons, regarding the performance of the greyhound in the event. After considering the evidence, Stewards acted in accordance with GAR 75 (1) and requested Mr Gibbons to report as soon as practicable anything that may have affected the running of Incerti Bale in the event, which was not noted by Stewards or the OTV during or immediately after the event.

Inga Cleo underwent a post-race veterinary examination - no apparent injury reported. Trainer Mrs M. Inguanti declined the option to have the greyhound re-vetted. Stewards spoke to Mrs Inguanti regarding the greyhound’s racing manners in the home straight. Acting under the provisions of GAR 69A(1) Inga Cleo was charged with failing to pursue the lure with due commitment. Mrs Inguanti pleaded guilty to the charge, Inga Cleo has been suspended for 28 days at Geelong only and must perform a Satisfactory Trial in accordance with GAR 69A (2) and GAR 72, before any future nomination will be accepted.

He's For Us – Proved difficult to box and will be boxed first in future events in accordance with GAR 52.

Stewards issued a warning to Trainer Mr. D. Sharp pursuant to GAR51(7) in that he was slow to box Aston Tenge in this event and failed to pay attention to the Starter's orders. .

A post-race sample was taken from Handy Point - the winner of the event.

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