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Meadows (MEP) - Wednesday, 29 July 2020
12:15 PM
$1,325 - $375 - $190

Race Photo

Race result finish photo

Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 NUNNIONG BEAR BARRY MILLS (BADDAGINNIE) 8 8 32.8 5.21 3111 30.933 1.83 $11.10
2 KAISON BALE SAMANTHA GRENFELL (MOUNT WALLACE) 4 4 31.7 5.34 6222 31.061 1.83 $19.40
3 KNICKS BALE SAMANTHA GRENFELL (MOUNT WALLACE) 6 6 26.9 5.23 5333 31.115 2.60 $5.50
4 SWEET YAALA Sarah Swan (Lethbridge) 7 7 28.0 5.46 7444 31.571 9.11 $37.50
5 ASTON ADONIS DENNIS TREWIN (LARA) 3 3 33.2 5.21 2655 31.725 11.31 $2.90
6 MAGNIS BALE CORREY GRENFELL (MOUNT WALLACE) 1 1 31.9 5.23 4566 32.692 25.13 $22.40
F WHITE ASSASSIN Waylon Kee (Lethbridge) 5 5 32.3 5.17 1777 $2.20

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
8-NUNNIONG BEAR 11.10 4.30
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 8-4 81.80
Exacta 8-4 102.20
Trifecta 8-4-6 437.10
First 4 8-4-6-7 3870.20

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 5.17 18.25
Rug Number 5 8 0 0

Steward's Report

Due to Government Social Distancing Laws under COVID-19 and acting in accordance with GAR 51 (10), the Stewards have directed that the boxing process in Victoria will revert to and continue under the 4-wave model being 1 & 5 boxed first, followed by 3 & 7, followed by 2 & 6, followed by 4 & 8.  Handlers are required to exit the area after boxing and maintain their 1.5m distance from other handlers and staff at all times.

All persons (both Staff & Participants) attending today, undertook successful health screenings and wore face-masks/covers that in-turn, permitted entry to the venue for exclusive race-day functions and operations. 

Sweet Yaala was slow to begin.

Aston Adonis and Kaison Bale collided soon after the start. Magnis Bale, Aston Adonis, White Assassin and Knicks Bale collided on the first turn, checking Knicks Bale, severely checking Magnis Bale and Aston Adonis, and causing White Assassin to fall, checking Sweet Yaala.

Magnis Bale underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was revetted following Race 5 and was found to have sustained a laceration to the right hind leg. A 3 day standdown period was imposed. Stewards spoke to Trainer Mr. C. Grenfell regarding the greyhound's performance. After taking into account Mr. Grenfell's comments, reviewing the race footage and acting on their own observations, Stewards directed Mr. Grenfell to report as soon as practicable anything that may have affected the running of Magnis Bale in the event which was not noted by Stewards or detected by the On Track Veterinarian during or immediately after the event. 

White Assassin underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was found to have sustained a right groin injury. A 5 day stand down was imposed.

Stewards spoke to Mr. W. Kee, representative of Sweet Yaala, regarding the greyhound's racing manners on the first turn. After taking into account Mr. Kee's comments and reviewing the race footage, Stewards took no further action.

A sample was taken from Nunniong Bear - the winner of the event.


Magnis Bale - Subsequent to the meeting the kennel reported the greyhound had recovered well and will continue on with its preparation.  

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