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The Meadows - Saturday, 16 May 2020
6:29 PM
Mixed 6/7
$5,280 - $1,510 - $760

Race Photo

Race result finish photo

Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 DR. TUCKER WILLIAM MCMAHON (DARRIMAN) 1 1 32.6 5.03 1111 29.914 5.26 $3.40
2 STAR BLAZER ANGELA LANGTON (ANAKIE) 6 6 32.1 5.11 4443 30.282 5.26 $3.00
3 DUSTIFICATION JESSICA SHARP (AVALON ) 4 4 27.7 5.03 2222 30.445 7.59 $10.00
4 ROCK ON JOHN JASON THOMPSON (PEARCEDALE) 5 5 29.0 5.16 5334 30.461 7.81 $8.50
5 ESTRELLA STARR LISA COCKERELL (BUCKLEY) 3 3 29.5 5.19 6566 30.629 10.21 $55.30
6 MALAYAH BALE ANDREA DAILLY (Anakie) 7 7 27.4 5.21 8755 30.662 10.69 $13.60
7 FERNANDO CAZZ ALAN HUNTER (BLIND BIGHT) 2 2 26.9 5.10 3677 30.671 10.81 $7.60
8 LILLY LANA JAMES SHAW (LARA) 8 8 28.3 5.19 7888 30.887 13.90 $8.40

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
1-DR. TUCKER 3.40 1.60
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 1-6 6.40
Exacta 1-6 15.40
Trifecta 1-6-4 54.10
First 4 1-6-4-5 300.70

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 5.03 17.65
Rug Number 1 1 0 0

Steward's Report

Due to Government Social Distancing Laws under COVID-19 and acting in accordance with GAR 51 (10), the Stewards have directed that the boxing process in Victoria will revert to and continue under the 4-wave model being 1 & 5 boxed first, followed by 3 & 7, followed by 2 & 6, followed by 4 & 8.  Handlers are required to exit the area after boxing and maintain their 1.5m distance from other handlers and staff at all times.

All persons (both Staff & Participants) attending today, undertook successful health screenings that in-turn, permitted entry to the venue for exclusive race-day functions and operations. 

Stewards were notified of an outage of the tower light on the second turn prior to the event and subsequently replaced the globe following race 1.

Dr. Tucker was quick to begin.  Estrella Starr and Malayah Bale were slow to begin.  Malayah Bale and Lilly Lana collided soon after the start.  Fernando Cazz and Star Blazer collided on the first turn.  Dustification checked off Dr. Tucker on the frst turn.  Estrella Starr, Star Blazer and Lilly Lana collided on the first turn, severely checking Lilly Lana which lost considerable ground as a result.  Fernando Cazz checked off Dustification on the second turn causing Fernando Cazz to lose ground.  Fernando Cazz and Estrella Starr collided entering the home straight.  Dustification and Rock On John collided in the home straight.  Rock On John visibly eased and collided with Dustification approaching the winning post.

Rock On John was vetted following the event.  It was reported that the greyhound sustained a right calf injury, a 5 day stand down period was imposed.  Stewards spoke to Representative, Mr L. Thompson, regarding the greyhound's racing manners approaching the winning post.  Acting under the provisions of GAR 69(B)(1), Rock On John was charged with failing to puruse the lure with due commitment (by reason of injury).  Mr L Thompson pleaded guilty to the charge, Rock On John must perform a Satisfactory Trial (all tracks) pursuant to GAR 69(B)(1)(a) before any future nomination will be accepted.

Due to an issue with the finishing line sensor, the times displayed immediately after the event were incorrect, however, manually rectified to the correct times.


Stewards will inquire into the circumstances in which Mr Brendan Dewan took an incorrect greyhound home after Stewards were advised by the kennel staff that greyhound Dewana Milkshake was left in the kennel bay.  This inquiry will be held at a date and time to be fixed.

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