Geelong - Friday, 16 March 2018
Finish On Lure
7:07 PM
$1,325 - $375 - $190

Race Photo

Race result finish photo

Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 NEWTOWN ANGEL LORI COURTS (CORIO) 1 1 30.3 8.48 31 22.868 0.77 $22.00
2 DYNA CARL JAKE COLLINS (pearcedale) 6 6 31.0 8.68 86 22.922 0.77 $5.10
3 DYNA WINTER STEVEN COLLINS (Pearcedale) 2 2 25.5 8.61 63 23.196 4.69 $3.90
4 HOT DEVIL JOHN MAGRI (AVALON) 7 7 32.2 8.52 54 23.223 5.07 $4.20
5 HAPPY CRUISING MARK DELBRIDGE (BALLIANG) 8 8 31.4 8.64 75 23.260 5.60 $11.90
6 MEMA WIBBLE LORI COURTS (CORIO) 4 4 26.2 8.44 17 23.306 6.26 $15.80
7 SLINGSHOT SASSY JASON WICKHAM (Moolap) 5 5 25.7 8.48 22 23.307 6.27 $6.30
8 FLAMIN' MIRACLE RONALD DUNNE (ST ALBANS) 3 3 27.5 8.51 48 23.323 6.50 $7.40

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
1-NEWTOWN ANGEL 22.00 4.90
6-DYNA CARL 1.50
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 1-6 39.80
Exacta 1-6 116.30
Trifecta 1-6-2 557.10
First 4 1-6-2-7 1364.70

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 8.44
Rug Number 4 0 0 0

Steward's Report

Supplementary Report

Sandown 11th March 2018.

At the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club today GRV Stewards opened an inquiry with Trainer Ms Deborah White after unlicensed person Mr Brian Veitch handled Fawn Secrets at Sandown on 11 March 2018. After hearing submissions from Ms White, the Stewards issued a charge to Ms White under GAR 101 (2) (b) in that she permitted an unlicensed person, namely Mr Veitch to handle Fawn Secrets at Sandown Park on Sunday 11 March 2018. Ms White  pleaded guilty to the charge. In determining penalty, Stewards took into consideration Ms White's good record, the guilty plea, that Mr Veitch was licensed in a suitable capacity until recently and that Ms White was unaware that his license had lapsed. However, against these factors, Stewards considered the need for general deterrence and the potentially serious nature of unlicensed persons acting in an official capacity on race-days. The Stewards imposed a fine of $200, with $100 of that suspended pending no further breaches of this rule within 12 months from today.

Track Curator, Mr. T. Dempsey advised Stewards that both the inside and the outside track were medium harrowed on Wednesday 14th March 2018.


Mema Wibble was quick to begin.  Dyna Carl was slow to begin.  Happy Cruising checked off Hot Devil approaching the first turn.  Dyna Winter checked off Slingshot Sassy on the first turn checking Flamin' Miracle.  Dyna Carl, Dyna Winter and Flamin' Miracle collided approaching the home turn checking Dyna Winter and Flamin' Miracle.  Mema Wibble and Hot Devil collided entering the home straight.  Slingshot Sassy crossed to the outside and marred Mema Wibble in the home straight checking both greyhounds.  Dyna Winter raced wide in the home straight.  Flamin' Miracle raced ungenerously approaching the winning post.  Hot Devil, Mema Wibble, Slingshot Sassy and Flamin' Miracle collided approaching the winning post checking Mema Wibble, Slingshot Sassy and Flamin' Miracle. 

Flamin' Miracle was vetted following the event.  It was reported that there was no apparent injury found. Stewards issued a warning to Mr. R. Dunne, the trainer of Flamin' Miracle regarding the greyhound's racing manners approaching the winning post.

Slingshot Sassy was vetted following the event.  It was reported that there was no apparent injury found. Stewards spoke to Ms. T. Welsh, the representative of the greyhound Slingshot Sassy regarding the greyhound's racing manners in the home straight.  Acting under GAR 69(1), Stewards charged Slingshot Sassy with marring.  Ms. Welsh pleaded guilty to the charge.  Slingshot Sassy was found guilty and suspended for 28 days at Geelong and it was directed that the greyhound perform a Satisfactory Trial (all tracks), pursuant to GAR 69(2)(a) before any future nomination will be accepted.

A sample was taken from Newtown Angel, the winner of the event.

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