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Healesville - Friday, 3 September 2021
11:20 AM
Tier 3 - Maiden
$1,000 - $290 - $145

Race Photo

Race result finish photo

Race Results

Place Dog Name Trainer Box Rug Weight 1st Split Time PIR Finish Time Margin Price
1 SECRET ARCHIE JASON FORMOSA (HEATHCOTE) 8 8 33.0 3.98 2 17.178 0.76 $4.30
2 STILL CHASING KELVIN BROWNEY (TYNONG) 2 2 30.3 4.10 3 17.231 0.76 $5.80
3 REIKO SHOCK DEBORAH COLEMAN (LARA) 4 4 26.1 4.15 4 17.452 3.91 $5.00
4 BOBBY REIKO RICKY COLEMAN (LARA) 6 6 27.0 4.27 5 17.482 4.34 $31.70
5 COCOMELON ALICE PEAT (AXEDALE) 1 1 26.0 4.34 6 17.510 4.74 $2.10
6 CHARLOTTE TULIP RENE MATTHYSSEN (RED LION) 5 5 27.0 3.94 1 17.557 5.41 $113.30
7 INTO THE KITCHEN GARY MCMILLAN (NAMBROK) 7 9 32.0 4.40 7 17.622 6.34 $21.20
8 MADISON ROSE KEVIN LINGARD (KILMORE) 3 3 27.1 4.87 8 18.308 16.14 $64.20

Race Dividends

Result Win Place
8-SECRET ARCHIE 4.30 1.80
Exotic Combs Exotic Odds
Quinella 8-2 15.70
Exacta 8-2 23.60
Trifecta 8-2-4 98.30
First 4 8-2-4-6 415.40

Split Times

Split 1 Split 2 Split 3 Split 4
Time 3.94
Rug Number 5 0 0 0

Steward's Report

Essential persons (both Staff & Participants) attending today, undertook successful health screenings, wore facemasks, observed social distance requirements, and adhered to room density quotients that in-turn, permitted entry to the venue for exclusive race-day functions and operations.

The Stewards discussed the frequency of racing of Bobby Reiko with Mr Ricky Coleman and noted his comments.

Following the green light being activated by the starter for this event, there was a short delay before the lure was in motion, before stopping prior to the lids opening. All greyhounds were removed from the starting boxes, vetted by the on track Veterinarian and passed fit to run. Stewards had a brief discussion with the lure driver who explained he was distracted and did not see when the green light was activated, as a result he purposely stopped the lure shortly after it was set in motion as he was unsure as to how long the greyhounds were in the starting boxes.

On second attempt to start, the lure did not activate due to a power failure. All greyhound were removed from the starting boxes and escorted back to the kennel block to allow for thorough testing of the lure. Stewards gave all Handlers the option to give their greyhounds a small drink. All greyhounds were re-vetted and passed fit to run. The power source was subsequently switched to run on the generator and the lure was tested several times to the satisfaction of the Stewards. 

Stewards had a further discussion to the lure driver following the event and noted his comments. This incident was referred to relevant management.

As a result this event was rescheduled to start at 11:53am and all following events were pushed back two races. 

Cocomelon and Into The Kitchen were slow to begin. Madison Rose was very slow to begin (4 lengths).

Reiko Shock and Bobby Reiko collided soon after the start. Charlotte Tulip and Bobby Reiko collided at th 50m mark. Reiko Shock and Charlotte Tulip collided approaching the winning post checking Charlotte Tulip.

Madison Rose underwent a post-race veterinary examination and was found to have a right groin injury.  A 5 day stand down period was imposed.

Bobby Reiko underwent a post-race veterinary examination (frequency of racing) - no apparent injury was reported. 

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